Oxford, Broadway Tower, & Snowshill

As I’m looking back through pictures and putting together these posts, I’m surprised at how much we fit in each day given the rascally toddlers we had in tow! This particular day we drove east to visit the university town of Oxford. I had been before, but that day had been a rainy one, so I was pleased that we had sunshine! We drove to a park n ride just outside the city and took the bus in. We didn’t really know when to stop, unfortunately, so we ended up a bit further than I had hoped, but it got us a nice walk through the city.

In case you were wondering, Oxford is not a toddler-friendly place. It is a stunning city, but within the town center, there are basically ZERO green spaces where we could let the boys out to play. Most places are crowded with foot-traffic and bike-traffic, so it’s not particularly safe for wandering, unstable boys. There are vivid green lawns in front of many of the buildings, but each has a sign to inform the public that stepping on the grass is prohibited. It is purely aesthetic 🙂 That made the day a bit of a struggle. We were only able to let the boys out once, so they were pretty over it by the time we made our way back to the car! But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful town!

We continued our walk through the city and stopped at a church that had the most beautiful blooms outside! Brandon is no lover of churches, and the boys weren’t happy to stop in the stroller, so he walked them around outside while my mom and I enjoyed the church interior.

We thought about doing a tour of the Bodleian Library, but…twins! That would’ve been a disaster, I’m sure! But even walking in the courtyard was enjoyable for us. It blows my mind how much history there is in Oxford.

Like I said, the boys were very much done with the Oxford experience by the time we headed back to the Cotswolds, and all of our feet were, too!
Our next stop was Broadway Tower, just a mile from Willersey where we were staying.

After the tower, we made a final stop at a village called Snowshill. It was probably the one village I was absolutely intent on seeing. It didn’t disappoint at all, and it was only 2 miles from us in Willersey. Snowshill is set on a hillside, so the approach is beautiful, and I made Brandon stop so I could enjoy the daffodils and the view just before the village.

The actual village is picture-perfect. The church was closed, but the exterior provided plenty of exploration.

If you should pass through the Cotswolds, don’t miss Snowshill! I’d definitely recommend it over somewhere crowded like Bourton-on-the-Water.

We finished off the night in Willersey with a pretty intense rain and lightning storm in the safety of our cottage.

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