Albion Basin

For the last three years, one of the highlights of my summer has been going up to Albion Basin in Alta to see the incredible wildflowers. If you have never been, I would HIGHLY recommend that you go. The wildflowers are at their peak right now! 
Last Monday, my mom, my sister, and my niece and nephew came with the twins and me to see the wildflowers. That day didn’t pan out quite as I had hoped since parking was a nightmare and I wasn’t as well-prepared as I should have been, but we still got to see the most beautiful flowers. Today, my mom and dad came with me for round two, and this time we took the shuttle. It was pretty heavenly to walk among all the purples, reds, whites, pinks, yellows, and greens once we got up to the summit. I got to wear the twins in our TwinGo carrier–my first time trying the dual carry option. It was great! They both fell asleep for the majority of our time walking šŸ™‚
Despite the hassle of toting my camera along with all the other gear I require nowadays (packing for an expedition with twins is no joke, my friends), I am so glad I did. Unfortunately, though cameras are wonderful and mine is on the more capable end of the spectrum, they just can’t capture scenes like today’s. You have to go experience it in person to really appreciate it. 
Despite that, I tried to capture what I could šŸ™‚

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