Newborn Photos

The last couple of weeks has been an absolute glob of time. In the boys’ nursery, we have a little quote on the wall that says, “Begin each day with a grateful heart.” I stared at it the other day and thought, “Begin? Where do days even begin now?” They really don’t have a beginning and end anymore, since we are up for feedings multiple times a night at all hours and we nap during the day. If you ask me what day of the month or week it is, I’ll probably just stare at you with wide eyes. 

Given the fact that pictures and little moments are the only things that are likely to stick in our memories from this crazy time, we decided to get some newborn photos taken of the little guys. They are changing so much all the time, and when they do something cute, my DSLR camera is nowhere near, so most of the photos I have are sub-par photos from my phone camera. I’m so glad we had Ashley Bridgewater come and do the hard work, even though it was after a rough night and coordinating feeding and pumping schedules with a photo session time was tricky. While this time has been incredibly exhausting and I’ve shed more tears than in the past 5 years of my life combined, I also know I’m going to miss being able to snuggle these guys whenever I want (since they have no choice in the matter). I’m going to miss the hilarious and adorable faces they make after they’ve eaten or when they’re dropping off to sleep. I’m going to miss the erratic arm and foot movements they make. I’m going to miss how tiny they are and being able to hold each one easily with one arm. 
I’ll post more about what the past couple weeks have looked like and felt like in a different post, but for now, let’s just bask in the newborn glory of these two little tykes.

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