Ahh, Venice. Quite a change from our Scotland adventure, our time in Venice was full of eating out at restaurants and walking the streets, canals, and bridges of the city on the water. Teamwork was the order of the day, since Venice is absolutely not a city made for anyone traveling on wheels, aka our little Kaisa. We arrived in the evening from Edinburgh and made our way to our apartment in Cannaregio. It was a darkly-lit place, but it had enough beds for us all, and we didn’t spend too much time there, honestly. We found a very small grocery store for some essentials and then called it a night. 
Emily, Brandon, and I went exploring first thing in the morning while Sarah put us to shame by choosing to workout while Kaisa slept in a bit. After that, we all met up at a self-serve gelato place. 

After enjoying the gelato, we made our way at a leisurely pace through the city with the general direction of Piazza San Marco, making a stop at a farmacia for baby tylenol since Kaisa was teething. Trying to communicate the concept of baby tylenol was a bit of a challenge. It’s always helpful to know the generic names of drugs in other countries–in this case, paracetamol. We stopped for lunch and then continued on our way, soon discovering that my phone had disappeared from my side pocket. Since I had bought my phone just two weeks before we left, this was enough to entirely kill Brandon’s and my mood. I was determined not to let it ruin the day, but I felt sick inside as I thought of all my pictures from Scotland that were now gone. 

As we sat in Piazza San Marco, Brandon calling my phone with the vain hope that whoever had pickpocketed it would pick up (ha!), Brandon stuck his hand in his pocket and discovered that the phone had been there all along. We all breathed a big sigh of relief and laughed at ourselves. It was a very happy ending to a potentially very sad situation. 
Meanwhile, Kaisa had the time of her life chasing the pigeons and entertaining groups of tourists who watched her toddle around and scream happily. 

Essentially, we spent the entire day walking the colorful city and admiring the beautiful views that make Venice so unique. It really is a beautiful city! We ended our day with a nice dinner on the water.

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