Český Krumlov

There were a number of towns I had thought about visiting on day trips once Brandon left Prague, but I ended up only having time for one. I decided on Cesky Krumlov–a medieval town located in Southern Bohemia. It was a $14 round trip ticket for a 3-hour ride each way on a very nice bus. Absolutely worth it! I thoroughly enjoyed my day in Cesky Krumlov. 
The night before, I took another trip to Tesco to buy some food that I could take with me in my little cooler. I probably went to the grocery store on all but one or two days I was in Prague. I can’t help it. I love it too much. I know, I’m strange. 

I took an early bus and really enjoyed watching the lovely, frosted Czech countryside passing by. I can hardly ever sleep on trains and buses because I’m so curious about my surroundings. At one point, we passed by what looked like a drop-off into an abyss of white fog. It was so eerily beautiful! I realized that it was actually a small lake, but it was covered in such dense fog that it was almost impossible to see it for what it really was.
Once we arrived in Cesky Krumlov, I walked from the bus station into the town. It’s all so picturesque! I headed straight for the castle, hoping to get some time there before the bigger groups arrived for organized day tours.

Most people came up to the top of the castle tower, walked around to see the panorama of the town, and then headed back down because it was so windy and chilly. I stayed up there for a good 15 minutes and then returned later in the day when it was sunny and nearing sunset. It was just so beautiful!
After admiring the town from the tower, I strolled around the castle grounds. They’re pretty expansive, and I found such charming little hallways and courtyards. 

While walking the grounds, I stumbled upon this adorable, abandoned pink and blue house. 

After exploring and walking back to the castle entrance, I headed into the town to check out the streets and shops. You can’t go wrong in Cesky Krumlov. The views, the streets, the shops–they’re all adorable.

Once I had walked all over town–admiring it but also searching for a bathroom for an hour–I headed back to the castle to climb the tower yet again. 

Incidentally, I had worked hard to ensure that my phone would have plenty of battery at the end of the day since my bus ticket was in my email inbox. On my way back to the bus station, with 24% battery left, my phone died and WOULD NOT turn back on. Hoping I could even find my way back to the station, I stopped in a grocery store hoping to find an outlet to charge my phone at. No luck. I was kind of freaking out inside since I was 3 hours away from Prague, couldn’t speak a lick of Czech, and had no means of communication. Thankfully I found the bus station early enough that I had time to search for an outlet. But I learned my lesson–always print your tickets! 
I highly recommend a trip to Cesky Krumlov if you are ever in the Czech Republic. It was a highlight of my time there!

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