Exploring the grounds of Prague Castle

We had a late start our second day in Prague. Brandon was trying to stay somewhat on the Utah time schedule so that he could be available for work issues that would inevitably come up at home. Soooo he decided to take a nap at 9 o’clock at night, work for a couple hours, and then go back to sleep. His poor body got very confused and insisted on staying up all night, so he slept in.

Once we were up and at ’em, we headed toward Prague Castle. It’s a bit of a hike if you take the way we took, but the views are lovely! Set up on a hill above the city, the castle complex is unlike any other castle I’ve been to–which is saying something, since I’ve been to my fair share of castles. It’s a mishmash of different buildings, of which the central and main building is Saint Vitus Cathedral.

The cathedral is pretty massive, with a huge courtyard surrounding it. It reminded me a lot of Edinburgh, since the stone is darkened like the sooty buildings of the Scottish capital. However, the triple archway fresco blew my mind! It’s beautiful, colorful, and once again, unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the exterior of a cathedral.

We walked the grounds, admiring the buildings that make up the castle complex. Unfortunately, the cathedral closed about 10 minutes before we tried to enter. This is what happens when you wing it instead of looking up opening times for sites you’re seeing. I ended up going back to the castle a couple other times, though, and Brandon isn’t big on cathedrals (he feels like they are all so similar), so we weren’t too broken up about it.

As we were walking around the area surrounding the castle–the neighborhood called Hradčany–we noticed some kind of exhibit going on. It was a greenhouse exhibit of lovely spring flowers, so we paid the $0.90 to get in. It was really nice to get such a splash of spring color and warmth after being out in the chilly streets. 

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