arrival of baby payne

Yesterday was such a special day! Our new little nephew arrived earlier than we all anticipated. He’s a sweet little thing with a big bunch of dark, soft hair. 

When we arrived at the hospital yesterday, Savvy ran up to us, bursting with excitement. 

“We were waiting for you for so long!” she said.

“Did your little brother come?!” I asked.

“Yes, he did! And I got married in the temple when my birthday comes!” Don’t let the change of subject fool you, though. Noone could have been more protective of and excited about her baby brother. She told us how he was wrapped up like a burrito, and she insisted on holding him before Brandon and me. His parents haven’t chosen a name for him yet, but Savvy insists that it’s Elmo, naturally. I was also chastised for kissing his head. “No, Martha. You can’t give him kisses. He’s not your baby. He’s my baby.” 

I had been curious of how she would react to her new brother since she has been so smothered in attention her entire life, being the first grandbaby in the family. She was nothing but sweetness to him yesterday, wanting to hold him every moment and smothering him (almost literally) with love and hugs. She was also very protective of him, needing to know everything that was happening with him.

In fact, once I got my hands on him, it wasn’t 5 seconds before Savvy asked if it was her turn to hold him yet again. 

Who can say no, though, when she looks like this once her baby brother is on her lap?

It’s always so special to watch mothers and fathers of new babies. My sister and brother-in-law have done such an amazing job raising their daughter, and their son is equal parts blessing and blessed to come into such a family.

“When theologians are reeling and stumbling, when lips are pretending and hearts are wandering, and people are ‘running to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord and cannot find it’–when spiritual darkness needs penetrating and heavens need opening, a little infant is born.” Spencer W. Kimball

One thought on “arrival of baby payne

  1. Martha, Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I feel like I got to share in those very special moments. Grandma Janet


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