Conference Weekend and Grandma’s Birthday

Last weekend was so much fun! We got to spend time with family while watching General Conference and celebrating my Grandma’s 87th birthday. Brandon and I went down to Temple Square on Sunday afternoon to listen to the session on the square. We only lasted about half an hour, though, before Brandon’s allergies got out of control. Despite that, it was fantastic to see all the beauty of the square and to feel the excitement of General Conference.


After the session ended, we headed to Grandma’s to celebrate her 87th birthday. She was born on Easter, and we’ve always gotten together as an extended Maxwell family after Conference, so it was perfect. April 8th has only fallen on Easter 12 times since 1700, so it’s pretty special that she was born that day.


Even though we were there to celebrate her birthday, my grandma and her nurses had thoughtfully spent the last few weeks creating cards for each grandchild, each with the traits my grandma admires most in us. What a treasure to have! My grandma is by far the most gracious, thoughtful, Christlike person I know.



I am also grateful that she and my grandpa worked so hard to keep our family close to one another. We get along so wonderfully, and we all enjoy each other’s company, largely thanks to the effort they put in to creating meaningful family experiences together.







My sweet Aunt Nancy arranged an activity for the kids to help them understand the meaning of Easter. Each child went on a search for things in nature that symbolized Easter.



DSC_7969 DSC_7959

Later that night, our family had a Google Hangout with my parents in Australia. They love getting to see their kids and especially their grandkids (since they’ve gained two since being out).

IMG_3822You’d never guess my dad was up until 4:00 am on the phone with a disobedient missionary. Despite being so very busy and so very needed in their mission–for both wonderful things and heartrwrenching things–they make time for their family, with smiles and jokes. I can’t wait to hug them both in a few weeks!

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