A couple weeks ago, I got to fulfill a dream I’ve had for ten years, guys.
I got an   fMRI.

And I got paid for it. Normally, getting two fMRIs would’ve put me back about $4000. Instead, I got $30 in my pocket and the images from the scans. Pretty sweet deal, right?

My friend Chris Doxey is a genius neuroscience Master student, and he’s been heading up a sleep and cognition study. Needless to say, I jumped right on that opportunity.

Forty minutes laying completely still in the machine made me feel like a two year old–sitting still is hard at any age, apparently. I came out with a mean headache from the loud noises the machine makes. I also forgot my wedding ring at the facility, as I noticed the next morning at work. [panic]

I went back in for my second scan that same morning, and I came out with an even meaner headache. But I found my wedding ring, so it all worked out. At the scan this morning, an undergrad class came to tour the facility and watch my scan, so they got to see (and judge) my brain. No pressure.

After my scan last night, Chris showed me the images of my brain and told me I have “tight ventricles.” Apparently that’s a compliment, from what he explained to me. But I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t have told me even if my brain were completely funky and abnormal. Criticizing someone’s brain is probably the meanest thing you could do, right?

But how cool are these?



Hopefully, no one who’s looking at this actually knows how to interpret an fMRI scan. Cuz that’d be embarrassing.

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