Dance Company Alumni performance

Over the weekend, the East High Dance Company alumni got to perform together at the dance concert. It was really fun to get together for the couple practices we had over the last two or three weeks. We had alumni from 1998 up until 2012 performing, and about half of us helped on choreographing different parts of the dance. It was a mishmash of choreography, but it was so fun to spend time together and be on stage again!DSC_7208


Sarah and I didn’t get to dance together at East, since she was two years younger than me, and I was gone my senior year on my foreign exchange, but we became best friends, roommates, and dance party partners later on. We got to choreograph our part of this dance together and see each other more than we have in a long time, which was so great!


I miss being able to dance every day!

The dance is super dee duper messy, and I’m sure the current dancers resent us for ruining the concert they’ve been cleaning for weeks (I know I did when I saw the alumni’s dance when I was in dance co), buuuut it’s more about the cheesy fact that dance continues to bring us together AND we still have fun doing it!

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