Crazy people

Searching for an apartment is one of those things from this life that will be an everyday requirement in hell. I’m sure of it. When we were abruptly informed by our current manager that we’d have to vacate our apartment in less than 4 weeks, we had to begin our apartment search. Trying to find a decent apartment in our price range that will let us move in at the time we need is…well, fun. In the past week and a half, we’ve seen it all. Or at least way more than we want to. From the last couple of days alone:

  • A landlord who wanted us to put down a deposit immediately but, when we told her we weren’t ready to commit since hers was the first apartment we’d seen, told us, “I’m afraid we changed our minds anyway.” Right…Reminded me of someone hearing “You’re fired!” and saying, “No, I quit!”
  • A landlord who wants tenants who don’t cook. Like ever. This apartment was suh-weeeet, but she turned us down since she thought our outrageous cooking habits (e.g. the fact that we often make our own dinner) would be too much for her sensitive nostrils.
  • A landlord offering a carpeted “kitchen” with approximately two cupboards. She was the sweetest little lady, bless her heart, who told us we could go buy a portable island as a solution to the lack of counter and cupboard space. She insisted that the island be from IKEA.

I’m sure there are more fun things like this to come. I, for one, look forward to it. Similar to the way I look forward to paying taxes.

If nothing else, it’s made me wonder our landlord quirks are. Apparently every landlord is allowed to have some.

Meanwhile, I’m working the night shift at Qualtrics this week from 3pm to 12am. I’ve never worked a job that late in my life, nor had I worked a Sunday in my life until yesterday. I feel blessed that that’s the case.

Working the night shift means I get to interact with some of our–how shall I say this–CRAZY/INSANE/NUTTY clients. One lady we all know as Crystal G calls about 6 times a night (it’s actually Crystal Ji, but picturing a gangster on the other end somehow makes me less upset about how often she calls). She’s been calling an average of 6 times a night for the past 6 months. It blows my mind. If you ever spend that much time on the phone with support, you should 1) seriously reconsider using the product 2) seriously contemplate whether you actually have any self-respect or 3) seriously consider confessing your undying love for Paul, my teammate who works the night shift every night, since you clearly can’t get enough of him.

Having said that, I’m super grateful for the people I work with.When I started here, I planned to use my hour lunch breaks to read, but I gave up on that when I realized I’d much rather spend that hour with my team members. Qualtrics knows how to hire some really stellar employees, and I don’t mind going to work, largely due to that fact. My team really knows how to toe that thin line between awkward nerdy jokes and hilariously clever jokes. They’re great!

Probably the two things I hate most at Qualtrics are:

1) Internet Explorer. It ruins everything. WHY does anyone–ANYONE–use Internet Explorer?

2) Barnaby the company dog. I came to Qualtrics expecting to love him. But he’s all the things I hate about cats rolled up into a dog’s body. Snobby, picky, and antisocial. He lives at a beach house and eats prime cuts of meat, so what did I expect, right?



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