perspective on power


This morning at stake conference, something that one of the speakers said reminded me of one of my ultimate favorite quotes from my grandpa.
I couldn’t stop thinking about that for quite some time, and I felt so incredibly grateful for that perspective. It’s often hard for me to feel positive about the future of the world we live in. Western society becomes more and more detached from God and less inclined to believe in moral absolutes with every passing day and with every new policy. But that quote always helps me shake off the gloom and remember that I, as an individual, can make a significant difference. Every couple grounded in gospel truths has the potential to influence an incalculable progeny. My vote may feel like it doesn’t count for much in an election, but I know that the way I treat my family will have effects for an eternity to come. It’s in the (often mundane) day-to-day occurrences of home life that we change the course of history. What is history, after all, but the conglomeration of individual human experiences and familial relationships? Very few of us will change the course of history in oval offices and congresses, but .every. .single. person that comes to this earth forms their character in some type of familial relationship. .Every. single. person in power has been shaped by a lifetime of familial experiences which determine the way they use that power. Try as we may to shape human behavior by policy and policing, we are usually just attempting to undo damage that has been done much earlier on in the home.


Thank you to all the mothers and fathers out there who understand the incredible importance of the repetitive work they do on a daily basis. It is YOU who truly have the power in this world.

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