Last night we got to go to the Pentatonix concert at UVU. Thanks to a visit to the chiropractor, Brandon was feeling a bit better. Enough so that he came on crutches. But after standing in line for an hour in the fuh-reezing cold for the doors to open, we knew that him standing up for another three hours would be bad news. Or just straight up impossible. I waited forever to talk to the venue manager, not knowing if they’d be able to find a place for him to sit, since our tickets were standing only. At the end of the about 45 minutes, we were given tickets for row 8–which was incredibly nice of UVU. Thank heaven for good people!Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 preset In all my life, I’ve gone to precious few concerts, and I’ve paid for even fewer. Here’s my list to date:

1. Backstreet Boys (free), age 12

2. NSync (free), age 12

3. Third Eye Blind (free), age 18

4. Kelly Clarkson, age 22

5. Brian Mcknight (twice, free once), age 23 and 27

6. Journey (free), age 27

7. PTX, age 28

There are not many people I’d pay to see in concert. Brian Mcknight and PTX are definitely on that list, though, and for good reason. Feeling the ground shake when Avi hit his lowest notes, and watching Kevin cellobox was amazing! Every member of the group is incredibly talented. AND my talented little sister could help me appreciate the concert even more by telling me what notes Mitch was hitting, and when those notes were a half step higher even than the recorded version of the song. What would I do without her and her perfect pitch? Probably be a little less jealous.

IMG_3491 IMG_3499

The crowd was so pumped for PTX! There were 8,000 in attendance, and Scott got choked up talking about the support from Utah, since we were their biggest venue of the tour to date. Tender.

They performed so many of my favs, so last night was a piece of heaven.

The concert was just incredible! I am so grateful for talented musicians. We live in a world of sub-par musicians who make it big, so it’s refreshing to hear real talent. What an awesome night!

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