Back-breaking weekend

Friday we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse for my brother-in-law John’s birthday. The mother of one of my parents’ missionaries gave our family $400 in Outback gift cards (!). How generous is that?! It’s really heartwarming to know how appreciative people are of what my parents are doing for all the missionaries in their mission. They live hectic and utterly selfless lives in their callings. I really don’t know how they do it. It leaves me in awe (and a little horror) every time I hear them talk about the schedule they have.
We got to hang out at a birthday party for one my best friends, Sarah Mendoza, afterward. I just love her and her husband! At the party, we happened to run into Brandon’s MTC teacher, someone I took Tongan class with years ago, and someone who served on the islands we’re going to in the Philippines. Being a member of the Church makes the world so much smaller than it would normally be!

Saturday morning, I went to our East High Dance Company Alumni rehearsal. We’re performing at the dance concert in a couple weeks, and Sarah and I choreographed a bit of the dance. I sure miss dancing! While Sarah and I danced with all the other girls, our husbands played basketball. Unfortunately…

Brandon got really injured. He did something to his back, but kept playing (sigh). By the end of the game, he was on the floor and unable to get up. He has to walk like a 90 year old hunchback, and he needs help even to do that. He got to my parent’s house, crawled across the floor, and managed to lay down on the carpet. But he couldn’t get back up.

Seriously. For like 2 hours. With some ibuprofen, an ice pack, and some Icy Hot, he finally managed to get up so that we could go to the chiropractor. Getting in and out of the car is no easy feat, and he hobbled into the chiropractor’s office, putting all the weight he could on me. They saw how he was walking in and told us immediately that his injury is too severe for them to treat. They said it could be an inflamed disc or a herniated disc. We’re hoping for the former, naturally, but basically they said he’s got to wait out the worst part for a few days, then come back in every other day for 2-3 weeks.

So, while Brandon rested at home, I went to find us some comfort food.

Photo Feb 28, 6 39 01 PM

Our favorite guilty pleasure food right now is the Cotton Candy Misto shake from Rita’s. Our friends Joey and Jess introduced it to us. It’s way too good.

I also bought some dinner for us.

Photo Feb 28, 6 39 51 PM

Yes, I have an artichoke problem. Anytime I see them for under $1.50, I can’t help myself. We had already bought a four pack from Costco (they finally got them in after MONTHS of not having them), but I saw them for $0.70 each at Lolo’s and couldn’t resist.

On a more serious note, I read some of Elder Holland’s speech at Chapman University this past week. My favorite quote:

Indeed the longer I live the more convinced I am that as Christians, Jews, Muslims, people of faith, we play into the devil’s hand to let lesser differences obscure chances for greater unity, to let animosity canker our inherent, divine brotherhood and sisterhood, to let sectarian tradition destroy our collective desire to go about ‘doing good.’

I’m so grateful for be part of a faith that works with and values other faiths.

DSC_4538 P1020572 P1090219

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