finca | salt lake city, ut

Last Friday, our friends Haylee and Andy came with us to a restaurant we’ve been meaning to visit for quite awhile now. Finca in downtown Salt Lake City is a restaurant specializing in Spanish tapas produced with local and artisan ingredients. Brandon and Andy both served in Spain, and Haylee and I both have a love of all things artisan, so it was a perfect fit. 

The decor in Finca is beautiful and really adds to the ambiance of the place–full of deep hues and little splashes of color. The restrooms are located in the basement amongst the original foundations of the building which was fun! Despite my love of gourmet and artisan food, our wallets lack the substance to fund more than an occasional trip to anything more than Chili’s. Brandon is often more focused on bang for your buck, so it felt great to splurge a bit and sit down in a restaurant where the music isn’t completing drowning out conversation. 

My cousin Jacob works at Finca, and he was incredibly generous to offer us two tapas on the house. Here he is, being paparazzi’d by yours truly.

Tapas are all small dishes, which meant we really got to focus on savoring the taste of each dish. We started off with some Jamon Serrano–a favorite of Andy’s, and a very typical Spanish tapa. It was delicious.

Brandon and I insisted that we order some Papas y Aioli (aka patatas bravas), since it’s one of our life missions to make them ourselves at home. When we got home from Spain, we even bought a deep fryer for the specific purpose of attempting this dish. We haven’t yet mastered the art.

One of the dishes on the house was this plate of pork-stuffed peppers. This was one of my favorite dishes from Finca. The flavors were amazing!

Also on the house was this ceviche. I’ve had ceviche numerous times, and this was by far the best I’ve had! 

This next one was also in my top three: guisante. It’s pea butter crostini, and it was incredible! Pea butter sounds strange, but this was actually very sweet and delicious. I probably could’ve eaten my body weight in these, so it’s probably fortunate we only had two.

The adventurer in us all decided to go for this calamari, as well. This was the only thing I didn’t love at Finca, and it’s just because I can’t get over the texture. My palate isn’t that sophisticated…yet.

Two words for you: queso horneado. Baked goat cheese with red pepper jam and house lavosh. Brandon wasn’t excited for this one–he’s not up for any of your soft cheeses that smell strange. I forced him to try it, though, and he really liked it! I’ll convert him to my stinky French cheeses yet, I tell ya!

Haylee ordered, and then let me try, her huevos–beat pickled deviled egg. Who knew deviled egg could look so charming and taste so delightful?!

To end the night, we ordered some dessert. When this came out, it wasn’t at all what we expected, but it was really quite a unique combination of flavors! 

Finca is one to put on your list for the next time you’re in downtown Salt Lake!

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